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To seek space outside of the gallery ‘white cube’.

To achieve this our remit is to identify space for temporary use by TheOtherSpace f until such a time that they can be brought back into commercial use again. TheOtherSpace we can offer new ways of thinking to bring vibrancy to the space which can contributes to quality of life and can serve to raise the profile of the associated business to bring mutual benefits. from what is a ‘pause’ in the properties story.


The temporary use by TheOtherSpace represents a very flexible response to short-term opportunity, whilst the search for a commercial use is ongoing. Being able to use space for a few months (or even a few years) at low cost and without a commitment to a long term lease enables us get established and evolve our idea to create and curate an exhibition quickly.


As artists who thrive on reacting to site and context short term space can be ideal.


The OtherSpace Artists have experience of bringing visibility and engagement with targeted audiences through the arts. The exhibition that TheOtherSpace create can then be used by the partner business to create events that can promote their business in a bespoke way.  We can offer advice on how that can be achieved.


With artist April young and David Booth.



The Anvil

18 Sadler Gate